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The female Runner's

field guide

Navigate running performance through menstruation, pregnancy and all things female

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Mastering Menstruation - An Intro

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Why Read this Blog?

Good question - you're the same as a male runner, right?


Right... except for your hormones, nutrition needs, options for birth control, the fact that you lactate after creating human life, (assuming you decided to sacrifice your entire body to start a family) and your physiology & psychology changes wildly every two weeks or so.

Listen. There's enough talk & research about "runners" on the internet. Let's talk about the female runner.

This blog is my personal, ever-evolving, on-the-ground reference for applying what I learn about the female ecosystem to the sport of running - then I tell you how to apply it yourself.

I plan on breaking barriers, and I want you there with me.

You're more than some generic athlete, you're a woman.

Makenna Myler

Mastering Menstruation

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how to navigate your cycle and athletics at the same time

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Everything you needed to hear


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Rise and grind, even with a bump